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Repeat Buyers

As a homeowner, you already know the basics on buying, selling and financing your purchase. The market is constantly changing and at MORTGAGE EDGE we are on top of all these changes. We strive on knowing what’s new, who’s who, and who’s not. Take a moment to re-educate yourself. Good luck on your new home.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

1. You will need a mortgage specialist* to help with your financial needs. A good consultant will save you money and help you avoid the potential problems that exist in dealing with your bank. A mortgage specialist* can help you save thousands of dollars. At Mortgage Edge you can have a consultant visit you in the privacy of your own home.
2. Your down payment is key when purchasing. The amount of your down payment will help you decide how much you want to spend on your next home. At Mortgage Edge we will help you calculate your monthly payments, how much you can afford, how much you can save for your future (i.e.: your children’s education, & retirement). We will look at the equity available in your current home and recommend the best possible scenario for your personal purchasing needs.
3. You will need a Real Estate Agent. This person should have more experience in buying a home than you do. It is important that the Real Estate Agent is familiar with all of your personal requirements for the purchase of your next home. You will be relying on this person to help you make your next important decision. Not only are you purchasing but you may be selling as well. This professional will help you with tips on how to maximize your sale. Choose wisely.
4. You will need a Lawyer. Typically you have been down this road before and you are already familiar with the fees involved here. These fees and disbursements can accumulate very quickly. Now, you probably have a sale too. These are extra fees so get this information up front, to avoid any surprises on the day of your closing. At Mortgage Edge we can refer you to a lawyer that we know will service you in the best way possible. We will help with the paperwork and work directly with your Lawyer to avoid added work on your part.
5. When buying a resale home it may be important to have the home inspected for any defects. The home inspection could be the key to you buying or not. The cost of this inspection should be looked upon as an expense that you cannot go without. It could ultimately save you thousands of dollars down the road. Having already done this your first time around, now you are more experienced with the routine. At Mortgage Edge we can recommend the Home inspector for you, and price you upfront as to the cost.
6. When buying a new home from a builder it is important to always have your lawyer review the Offer of Purchase agreement before you actually agree to purchase and sign. Remember with this kind of purchase there usually isn’t the professionalism of a Real Estate agent to help you with the purchase. Most builders may have hidden costs for things that are not usually included in the traditional purchase of a resale home. At Mortgage Edge we are experienced with this kind of purchase and will recommend all of the professionals necessary in completing your purchase successfully.
7. Consult a Mover. Moving into your next home can be very traumatic. Knowing that you probably have been in the same house for a while. Possessions do accumulate, and the thought of packing it all up is overwhelming without a doubt. Rely on the professionalism of a good Mover to help with your packing and transporting of your personal belongings. At Mortgage Edge we can refer you to a great Mover in your desired area and usually at a discounted rate. Give yourself some peace of mind with this too.
8. Protect yourself, your family, and your home. The key here is Insurance. Again, assuming that you already have all of the insurance that you need. Remember that your next home may be more or less costly, and that your life has also changed since your first purchase. So, your insurance needs will ultimately change as well. From life/mortgage, home/property insurance, to security alarms. At Mortgage Edge we will refer you to professionals experienced in all areas of personal security and future planning. Don’t sweat the big stuff. We at Mortgage Edge are here to help you. Relax and enjoy your next home.