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Laura Brown

24 Mar 2013

Laura Brown

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As a real estate broker I’m very busy and don’t have time to run around shopping for mortgages, rates, etc. When I first started shopping for my new home I wanted someone who would be able to assist me in the running around. When I first heard about the great Mortgage Agents here, my prayers had been answered. I called them up and they immediately started the ball rolling. They did everything for me. They were friendly, courteous and most of all personable which I greatly admired. I didn’t have to chase them for results because I knew that they were acting in my best interest and great results are exactly what they provided. They were helpful and courteous, and even accommodated me by arranging an appointment in the evening.

I highly recommend these Mortgage Agents to all my real estate clients and to anyone looking for a mortgage. You will not be disappointed!


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