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Sylvia Crowell

24 Mar 2013

Sylvia Crowell

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It is truly difficult to put into words how much gratitude I feel for the help I received from these offices. I had purchased a house in Edmonton but my home in Ottawa had still not sold – I was in a bind. How could I even hope to obtain a mortgage for the new home in Edmonton if I couldn’t use the equity in the home I had in Ottawa as a down payment. Would it be possible to somehow bridge a mortgage using my existing equity in the home if it didn’t sell by April 30? I spent many a sleepless night worrying, and then I saw an ad in the newspaper which changed everything. Within 3 weeks from the time that I first spoke to Luigi and filled out my application on-line, they had informed me that I could indeed qualify for a mortgage regardless of whether or not my house sold on or before April 30, and in addition, they did what my real estate agent couldn’t do in 5 months. They were able to find pre-approved purchasers for my home. It was almost magic the way they handled everything, making it seem so effortless, taking care of the details so that everything fell nicely into place for everyone involved. I now had a pre-approved mortgage with a rate that was better than any I had dreamed of getting, pre-approved purchasers who were purchasing my home at the end of April and equity that was used not only to put toward the mortgage of my new home but to pay off all my existing debt. In addition, Mortgage Edge handled everything and thought of everything including the recommendation of a top notch legal representation. They were always courteous, well-informed, competent and efficient. I would highly recommend Mortgage Edge. It has been my experience that they can be trusted completely to have your best interests at heart, and they, more than any other professional in the field, will help you realize your financial dreams.


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